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How To Choose Coffee Pots


Day end and day breaks at campsites couldn’t get any better with a cup of your favorite coffee, which makes a coffee pot an indispensable item in your camping arsenal.

But since there may not a place to plug in your coffee makers out in the fields, the best thing to bring with you is a campfire coffee pot.     

There’s nothing like a coffee made from campfire pots, as the burning wood coal adds to the already flavorful taste of your coffee bean.

So, before you head for your next field trip, make sure your coffee pot fire is with you. But if you still haven’t got one, let me help you find the right product for you.


What to Look for in a Campfire Coffee Pot

When prepping to camp out but you’re still missing a coffee pot fire, there’s a lot that you can choose from online. But make sure that you make no haste when buying to avoid disappointments. So before you add anything to your cart, make sure to read this guide. Here are the things you should consider in a coffee pot.


Coffee Pot Material

Coffee pots literally undergo baptism by fire; hence, it has to be made from nothing but the most durable materials. Make sure that the campfire coffee maker you are about to buy is forged from stainless steel material. This way, it can still serve you long after the camping is over or for more camping nights to come. But it's not enough that it's made from stainless steel. It would be better if it’s also coated with baked ceramic. Remember that it goes directly on the fire, so it must be heavily insulated, and enamel coating does the job well, as it also protects the percolator.


Size Matters

People rarely go camping alone, which means we're almost always with a bunch when camps happen. So, make sure to bring a coffee pot with you that's enough to cater to everyone, or at least most of the campers. There are large camping coffee pots that can accommodate up to 12 cups, other 14 or more. But if you're camping with fewer people, you can choose the 4-8 cup percolator. Bringing too large of a pot when it's not needed is just adding bulk to your belongings and bringing in too little pot means you'll have to brew by batch. So, not everyone is going to have their coffee at the same time. That doesn’t seem fun. 


Filter Basket

Most coffee pot brands come with a disposable paper filter that you’ll have to change every time. If you’re into minimalism and don’t want to bring in more trash into the campsite, then order a coffee with a permanent filter basket. This way, you don’t only cut down on your waste, but you also get to make coffee easier.


Handle Location

Handles can go on top or on the side, but which one is better? Remember that the pot touches the flame directly, which may burn your hand when handling it from the side. Hence, you may opt for the pot with the handle on top. This may be a minor detail, but safety should always be a priority.


Dish Washer Safe

For ease of cleaning, choose a coffee pot that's dishwasher safe. Surely, you'll have a lot to put in order once you head back from your trip, and cleaning a pot seared on fire can truly be daunting. You sure could use a little help from a dishwasher, but that is if the pot is dishwasher safe.  



Don’t miss out on the chance of enjoying your camping with a cup of coffee and a bunch of friends with great stories to tell. Make sure you’re equipped with all the camping trip must-have items, including, of course, a coffee pot fire.   


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